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Polarmatic North America

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Polarmatic manufactures the Turbomatic™ thermal energy units for aggregate/water heating & cooling, concrete curing systems and also the award winning Polarmoist™ Optical Moisture Sensor.

Turbomatic™ Thermal Energy Unit
Our unique, all-in-one containerized non-boiler Turbomatic heating/cooling/curing systems provide the following benefits to your production facility: Extremely fast melting of frozen aggregates in the receiving hopper or bins - no more ice! Extremely fast pre-heating and heating of aggregates on a per batch basis without changing the moisture content of the aggregates optimizing your water/cement ratios Heating of outdoor aggregate storage areas only when applicable - we typically eliminate this need Production of all hot water needed for dosing to mixers, heating, utility, radiant, curing, saddle tanks, reclaimers and mixer washout stations Curing media warm air, Turbosteam, water/glycol for kilns, molds, beds, hollow core systems, double tees etc. Add a chiller to the Turbomatic to produce ice/chilled water to cool concrete mixes during warmer temperatures Add our Coolmatic N2 Cooling or Freshwind Technology for additional cooling needs in warmer climates. In addition to being fast, reliable, on demand, very efficient as well as environmentally friendly, the TURBOMATIC also provides superior energy economics: savings in fuel consumption per produced cubic-yard of concrete is as high as 70-80% or more when compared to traditional air and steam heating systems. Return on Investment ROI is typically calculated in months for most plants - not years!

Polarmoist™ Optical Moisture Sensor
These new award winning infrared LED sensors have become extremely popular in the ready-mix, precast and block/pipe industry as they have the following benefits over traditional and sometimes problematic microwave probes: 1. Faster, more accurate readings in both sand and stone up to 2 diameter 2. One time calibration per material 3. No material contact - probe mounts outside of the bins and looks at the material either dropping from the clam gates, feeders or passing by on the conveyor belt 4. Easy integration in to any plants control system 5. Multiple set points - no delay batching - includes Vipunet software program for continuous monitoring and data/record keeping 6. Optional temperature sensor that attaches directly to the moisture probe to give you the exact temperature of aggregates as they are released form your bins