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Feb 08, 2018
Report filter confusion!

I am looking at my list of booked vendors for the upcoming show. I checked two tags on my filter: License 1, License 2. But I'm seeing too many results. I'm expecting to see only the vendors who are tagged as having uploaded both licenses.

I see. The filter is showing you anyone who has uploaded EITHER license 1 or license 2, not both. But this is an obvious need, so we'll build a solution. I think we'll add to our filters the ability to choose ANY, ALL or NONE of the selected tags. You could then find all vendors who have uploaded either of the two licenses, both of them, or none of them. In fact, we'll add this option to our other filters as well, to let you find, for instance, vendors who exhibited in any of the selected shows, all of the shows, or none of them. This should really give you a lot of flexibility with your reports.