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Jul 06, 2018
How do I invite vendors to log into the portal for the first time?

When it comes time to invite your vendors to log in for the first time, we recommend the following steps. (Call us first before you send it out.)

1) Compose an email announcing your new portal and explaining what it is, and what the vendor can do, such as register for the event and buy space. You might include a paragraph like this to get them logged in the very first time:

"We are excited to announce that this year we are using a new online registration portal! This system allows vendors such as yourself to register for the event and book space online. We've already created an account for you. To log in the very first time you'll need to set a password by clicking GET PASSWORD and entering your email address. Once you've logged in you can register for the event and buy space."

2) To send it out, click ALL LISTINGS, then click EMAIL. Paste your message and send. (The link to the portal will automatically appear in the email blast.)

Hint: You can save your message as an email template to use anytime you invite future vendors to log in for the first time.