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Apr 08, 2019
GENERAL: Real examples of how weekly markets use the system

The city of Redlands, CA operates a weekly market of 200 vendors (10,000 booths booked a year).

The vendors...
1) Sign an agreement. There are specific agreements for farmers, performers and crafts/general vendors.
2) Complete their profile
3) Fill out an questionnaire.
4) Upload photos of what they sell.

The manager...
Approves, wait-lists or denies the application.
Sends and email to the approved vendors to log back in.

The vendors then...
5) Upload documents. Non-profits submit a 501C3 letter. Regular vendor submit a business license. Food vendors submit a health permit from the county.
6) Choose space and pay in the portal. Rules apply: Regular vendors have first dibs. 4 or more consecutive shows get a discount.