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Plan Details - Lite version: $99/year

Plan Details - Lite version: $99/year

Vendor Registration

Collect, review, approve in an organized system
  • Contracts
  • Contact information, websites, social media
  • Questionnaires
  • Required documents and licenses
  • Product photos
  • Preferred spaces on interactive map
  • Booth worker info
  • Get alerts when vendors register

    Online Payments

    Automate vendor payments and record keeping
    A 1% processing fee is automatically included on your vendor's shopping cart when purchasing through the system.
    Custom shopping cart
  • Automated cart and online checkout with alerts
  • Set prices by booth, size, section, category
  • Apply corner fees, early bird discounts, late fees, member discounts, taxes
  • Sell sponsorships, tents, electricity, wifi or anything else
  • Support for down payments, deposits, all major currencies
    Invoicing and recordkeeping
  • Payments are automatically recorded, stored, exportable
  • Create and send custom invoices online
    Control booth availability
  • Hold booths for previous or returning vendor
  • Restrict areas to specific categories, set category limits by section
  • Let vendors place themselves on the map, or jury the show and place them manually
  • Approve vendors your way: per season, per event, lifetime

    Mapping and Booking

    Intuitive map and floor plan management. Very easy, and we'll show you how.
  • Book vendors with a single click on your interactive floor plan
  • Drag and drop booths, resize and move them
  • Use icons (bathrooms, barricades, tents) and text labels
  • Lay out and share experimental floor plans, work simultaneously with teammates

    Vendor Management

    Manage comprehensive vendor profiles
  • Track exhibiting and payment history
  • Log interactions and take notes, set reminders
  • Manage documents, licenses, photos, products
  • Tag vendors as Approved, Waiting List, Denied, or any other tag you want
  • Run a vendor portal to let them upload/manage their own information

    Send Email Blasts

    Communicate with vendors and prospects
  • Send emails to individual vendors
  • Send email blasts to groups of vendors - vendors booked in particular upcoming shows, all vendors with payments due, vendors who didn't come back, etc.
  • Send from your own email address and track opens

    Run Reports

    Real-time reports at your fingertips
  • Run a huge variety of reports, such as who's exhibiting, how mamy chairs/tables/tents etc. are needed, who came back, who has payments due, registration activity, who's missing a license, you name it.
  • Download any report to Excel
  • Export payment reports to Quickbooks.

    Print and Publish Live Maps

    Real-time sharing
  • Print live floor plans as full resolution PDFs. Easy poster size printing, brochures. Download maps as editable vector files.
  • Share live online booth availability maps - who's exhibiting, move-in locations. Show the fire department your aisles and exits. Show decorators your live layout.
  • Publish online shopping guides