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Glazing Grace Stoneware

Ceramics and Pottery
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Hand-crafted pottery for kitchen and home.. Because of the cancellation of the June show, we will ship to you most anything you want. You are encouraged to give us a call and we can try to help you with what you need. Thanks Jaxon

Getting ready to load my gas kiln
Lots of glazed bisque ware on racks in the barn waiting to get loaded and fired.

Partial booth.
Just a fast glimpse of some of the things we have.

Treat jars
Fresh treats for furry family members ?? $45.00 and free shipping

Pitchers. $45.00 free shipping
We have lots of colors to choose from . They will hold a half gallon.

Wall pockets. $30.00 free shipping
Ready with drain holes in them to plant your spring flowers.

Face yarn bowls. There is a nostril that yarn may go through. $49.00 free shipping
Hade made stoneware.

Butter bells $30.00 free shipping
Hand thrown stoneware, variety of colors.

Coffee cups $25.00 free shipping
Lots of colors, hand made stone ware , large handles, holds 14+ ozs free shipping.

Soup bowls $25.00 free shipping
Hand thrown stoneware. Large comfortable handle, will hold at least 22 oz

Sponge holder $22.00 free shipping
Hand thrown stoneware. Keep your wet scrubby up to dry, has a drain hole to go toward your sink.

Grease pots
Stone ware hand thrown. Will hold a soup or veggie an so you can easily throw it away $35.00. Free shipping

Microwave bacon cooker $33.00 free shipping
Bacon not included !! We put 7 slices of bacon on it and put it in our 1250W microwave for 8 mins , and they came out crispy. May vary with yours.

Orchid pots with drain tray. $58.00 free shipping
Nice large pot with lots of holes for adequate draining and holes for roots to hang out. Welcome to call and get more pics

Small planters $30.00
Variety of colors hand thrown with attached drain train.