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Catechism Apparel

  Space B-271 
  Space B-271 

Scripture in image....
the GOAL Provide-Guide-identify

Provide We want to be able to “Provide” the conversation or open the door without fear or worry , with the creativity of the image.

Guide we want the conversation to be guided , or discussion or acknowledgement to be “the Word“ The focus then becomes, this is a God thing. ( oh how cute, and inoffensive )

Identify Identifying as Christian, without fear, standing with Christ in a cute approachable fashion.

I would love to change the way Christian T-shirts have been done.
I pray to make a difference in the way we P.G.I the subject of God , in a much needed conversation in this world.


bread and fish

All our T shirts are personally created to represent scripture in the form of an Image with the verse on the back of the shirt.