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Hidden Lake Garden Home

  Space B-370 
  Space B-370 

Specializing in unique Garden and Home accessories

Botanical Pottery and Garden Stakes
Each piece of the Botanical Collection is handmade with small variations in their naturally aged products that are commonplace. We consider these variations to part of the charm and beauty of the product. This finely detailed, hand-crafted pottery is designed in association with the famous Kew - the Royal Botanic Gardens in London England, each pot bears the official seal of the Royal Botanic Gardens. I have been a vendor for this product line for over 3 years. I carry a large selection of unique garden stakes, picks, and birds garden ornaments.

This picture is of one of my small succulent designs. I have about 10 utilizing three (3) pods and five (5) pod containers. Also, I create a square and rectangle cement container design. Besides, I have other live air plant designs to bring to the show too!

I carry a variety of home accents from table to entertaining I am attaching a picture of a wide view of many of these products to give you an idea of who I am. (Hidden Lake Garden & Home)
I carry items from paper placemats, home accents, kitchen products, to the garden.

Garden Sculptures
George Carruth Studios create these. They are handcrafted, and I have been a vendor for his products for over three years, and I keep a large selection of them at all times.