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Sep 26, 2018
MAPS: New mapping software

Here are a few tips to get you started with the new mapping software:

You can now zoom as much as you want. Use the plus and minus buttons. To see your whole map click FIT. Then click anywhere on the map to jump into that point.

To add a vendor click a booth, then click ADD. Your vendors now appear on the right. Click BOOK to place them in the booth. Note: You can now click the vendors name to review their profile before booking.

Click the little settings wheel at the upper right of your screen. Edit your map title, dates, content and rules here.

Redraw an existing shape. Double-click it. You’ll see two dots. One resizes while the other rotates. As before, hit RETURN to save.

Draw a new booth, text block or icon. Use the menu at the bottom. Your booth/text/icon will appear at the top of your screen. Drag it somewhere, resize it and rotate it. Hit RETURN to save.

Delete a shape. Click it and then click the right arrow in the black bubble. You’ll see the delete button (if the shape is empty).

Move, copy or delete many booths at once. Click SELECT on the bottom menu. Then drag over the shapes to select them. They'll turn red. Click CONTINUE and you can drag the booths somewhere else. Choose either MOVE or CLONE, depending on what you want to do. Great for shifting a line of booths over a few inches, or for copying a block of booths to quickly lay out a new floor plan!

Draw a row of booths all at at once. Click the right arrow on the bottom menu and choose QuikDraw. Try the polygon as well.