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Farmers Market Features

We received an email from a farmers market manager who asked this:

"We would require a series of services beyond just registration, such as tracking payments, insurance, proper licenses, etc. How are you different or more inclusive of farmers market needs than the competition?"

Our response:

Yes, we track payments, licenses, insurance and so on. Our system is a CRM with tools specifically designed for market managers operating recurring shows. Our customers need to streamline their registrations, vendor communications, license collection, approval process, booking and so on. Here are two examples showing how we automate the manager's process without losing the flexibility they require.

The city of Redlands, CA operates a weekly market of 200 vendors (10,000 booths booked a year).

The vendors...
1) Sign an agreement. There are specific agreements for farmers, performers and crafts/general vendors.
2) Complete their profile - description, address etc.
3) Fill out an questionnaire. There are specific questions for each type of vendor.
4) Upload photos of what they sell.

The manager...
Approves, wait-lists or denies the application.
Sends and email to the approved vendors to log back in.

The vendors then...
5) Upload required documents. Non-profits submit a 501C3 letter. Regular vendor submit a business license. Food vendors submit a health permit from the county.
6) Choose their own space and pay online in the portal. Rules apply: Regular vendors have first dibs. 4 or more consecutive shows get a discount.

The Ligonier Country Market operates a seasonal market for 20 weeks in the Fall, featuring 140 vendors (2,800 booths booked per season).

The vendors...
1) Sign an agreement.
2) Complete their profile.
3) Upload photos of what they sell.
4) Choose which dates they want, but do NOT choose their specific space. The show manager will assign them a booth. Rules apply: bulk rates for more dates, category-specific prices for producers, processors and ready-to-eat.
5) Pay online in the portal.

The manager...
Places the vendor in booths for the dates they requested.

The system tracks payments, bookings, product photos and licenses. Managers email vendors directly through the system, either individually or in bulk. Example: They send an email to all craft vendors who haven't exhibited in the last two shows. The manager takes diary notes and set reminders on each vendor.

These tools are specifically for recurring managers. Book out a vendor by placing them in booths across many show dates with a click. This tool is a huge time saver.

I hope this helps answer your questions. We have a passion for helping market managers automate their process while keeping the flexibility unique to their workflow. If you'd like a personal demo, please let us know, and have a wonderful New Year!