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Nov 24, 2018
PORTAL: How two adjacent booths get priced as one (with a discount)!

Like most sellers, festival managers like to price their booths in ways that entice vendors for buy in bulk. A vendor can save, for instance, by buying two adjacent 10x10 booths and taking advantage of the discounted 10x20 rate. Simple enough. But things get tricky when you need your online shopping cart to recognize that those two 10x10 booths are, in effect, a single 10x20. Just to complicate things further, what if you have a special price when one of those booths is a corner? How does the shopping cart know?

Before today, there was no easy answer. You had to painstakingly merge booths by hand, and this only worked if you knew ahead of time that the vendor wanted those two booths together. You also had the tedious chore of coloring your corner booths so we could tell the system what that color means. Needless to say, this drudgery didn't cut it.

Thankfully, ConventionForce now has a solution - one that happens automactially while the vendor is filling up their shopping cart. The new mapping system can "see" the pattern the vendor's booths make on the map, and will consider, say, three adjacent 10x10 booths in a row as one large 10x30 space. And corner booths are now recognized simply by their relationship to nearby booths.

What does this mean for festival managers? You now don't have to merge booths by hand. And you can stop marking corners with your favorite color. Just set your prices for various sizes and corner combinations, and let the vendor shop. The map will figure it out.