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Farmers Market Lite: $29/month

Farmers Market Lite: $29/month

Farmers Market Lite offers every feature we have, seen below. If you need special customizations, try out our Pro version.

Our customers want to...
sell booths online and the let software handle the transaction
manage applications, approvals, reports and maps all in one place
email specific groups of vendors at any time
publish events automatically for vendors and shoppers

jury vendors and assign booths (60% of our customers)
let vendors place themselves on the map (40% of our customers)


You pay $29/month, which includes unlimited everything: vendors, events, venues, emails, users etc.
Your vendors pay a 1% processing fee when purchasing online.
There are no other fees from us.

Vendor Registration

Collect, review, approve in an organized system
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Required contact information, websites, social media
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Required documents and licenses
  • Product photos
  • Approve vendors your way: per season, per market, per event
  • Automated emails to vendor upon approval
  • Automated alerts when vendors register

    Online Payments

    Automate vendor payments and record keeping
    Custom shopping cart
  • Automated cart and online checkout with alerts
  • Set prices by booth, size, section, category
  • Apply corner fees, early bird discounts, late fees, member discounts, taxes
  • Sell tents, electricity, wifi, sponsorships or anything else
  • Offer bulk rates for multiple events or booths
  • Support for down payments, payment plans, deposits, all major currencies
    Invoicing and recordkeeping
  • Payments are automatically recorded, stored, exportable
  • Create and send custom invoices online
    Control booth availability
  • Hold booths for previous or returning vendor
  • Restrict areas to specific categories, set category limits by section
  • Let vendors place themselves on the interactive map, or jury the show and place them yourself

    Automated Alerts

    Automatically send customized email alerts to vendors, receive emails about vendor activity:
  • Vendor submitted payment (include map links and documents)
  • New vendor signed up
  • Vendor completed registration
  • Vendor updated profile
  • Manager approved/denied vendor

    Mapping and Booking

    Intuitive map and floor plan management. Very easy, and we'll show you how.
  • Book vendors with a single click on your interactive floor plan
  • Drag and drop booths, resize and move them
  • Quickly book vendors from a shrinking list of those who purchased each date
  • Use icons (bathrooms, barricades, tents) and text labels
  • Use templates to quickly copy booth arrangments
  • Lay out and share experimental floor plans, work simultaneously with teammates

    Vendor Management

    Manage comprehensive vendor profiles - all vendor history is saved
  • Track all exhibiting and payment history
  • Product images, logos, categories, tags
  • Registration history: signatures, documents, licenses, questionnaires Log interactions and take notes, set reminders
  • Manage documents, licenses, photos, products
  • Easily approve vendors and automatically send email alerts

    Email Blasts / SMS

    Communicate with vendors and prospects
  • Send emails to individual vendors
  • Send unlimited email blasts to any segment of vendors - upcoming exhibitors, has payments due, has completed registration, etc.
  • Send SMS text blasts to any segment of vendors - $0.01 per message, pay as you go
  • Send from your own email address and track opens, rejected emails


    Real-time reports at your fingertips
  • Full breakdown of invoices:
    Booth fees
    Booth discounts
    Extras: tents, chairs ...
    Late fees
    One-time annual fees
    Random items (t-shirts, sponsorships)
    Coupons used
    Credit applied
    Total charged
    Gross revenue
    Processing fees paid
  • Run a huge variety of reports, such as who's exhibiting, how mamy chairs/tables/tents etc. are needed, who came back, who has payments due, registration activity, who's missing a license, you name it.
  • Download to Excel, export payment reports to Quickbooks.

    Printing and Publishing Live Maps

    Real-time sharing
  • Print live floor plans as full resolution PDFs. Easy poster size printing, brochures. Download maps as editable vector files.
  • Share live online booth availability maps - who's exhibiting, move-in locations. Show the fire department your aisles and exits. Show decorators your live layout.
  • Publish online shopping guides